The Wave Post 9-12

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From chapters 9-12

Ben Ross didn’t think think of what to make off the wave any more, and was unsure. People were starting too spread the wave and letting others join. David got the whole footbal team too join aswell. The Wave people are starting  to make them the leaders or though they are making the others think that ben was the leader.  And then Laurie went in the publicators office and found a note on the floor from a jonier that said his friends joined the wave and the seniors treatened him if he does not too. In the hall people hanged up posters for the wave rally. Robert asked Mr.Ross if he would can be his body guard. and Mr.Ross didn’t know what too say and then he said yes. Then Laurie and her friend started too make a post for the news paper against the wave.

The Wave  has expanded throu the th entier school and students are starting turn on students that aren’t part of the wave.Laurie has  diceded to quit the wave.


Smart set post

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I’ve Learned a lot about London but at this moment  I  don’t  really know much about London.Ok here is what I know about London:  I know that London has about 7.5 million in their population and they are very serios about their sport,they  have  a large  choose of  transport. London was a very bussy city since 1903, I even have a vedio of London on my wikispaces page.

The Playstation

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Playstation has a lot of fun games and has intresting look’s.The playstation company has expanded with their technology with the PSP and Playstation 3.

This is the latest Playstation,the Playstation 3.

The Playstation 3 has some of the latest technology in them.They have a blueray player biuld into each one of them, so now you can
watch Blueray movies on them and they have wireless controlers, so you can play well laying on your bed without pulling consol of the desk.

PSP(Playstation Portable)

The PSP is a portable version of the Playstation.

The Wave Post

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In chapters 4-8 is when the wave group starts and the students of Mr. Ross’s class go and tell other students in the school to join  the group and tell their family about what they have been doing in school for the last few weeks in history class . Laurie and her mom hose also a teacher at her school about the group that Mr. Ross has started and her mother disagrees about what Mr.Ross is doing and her mom says that Mr.Ross is’nt doing hes job and is’nt teaching them history ,and Laurie diagrees about what her mom is saying about Mr.Ross.

I think that this is the start of some thing that was’nt sepose to start and I wonder were this is going to end at the end of the book , I think its going to ending is going to be interesting.

Smart set post

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For the last few weeks we’ve been working on a project called Smart set, were we must imagen we are 25 years old and we work for a company that wants to expand there busness to a city outside North America.

The city I choose is London in England and I’ve learned a lot of things about London, so here is some of the things I learned about London:

Did you know that London has about 7.5 million people living there , and they say in 2016 there will be about 8.1 million people in London.

The sports they play in London is rugby,soccer ,they run a marathon, cricket.

There average highest tempareture was around 22’c, 23’c, 24’c  and there average lowest was around 12’c, 13’c, 14’c, 15’c

Thats all I could think of for my smart set

Bloging agian

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Its been a long time since  I  blogged and its time to get  up to date with my blog so lets get started:On Tuesday we came back from Grand Rapids we had frontier games there on Monday and Tuesday    and I went for cross country skiing.I didn’t get any medals but I think  I did good ,I had 2 sessions ,I don’t no my time for the first one but I know my time for the second time,and my time was 38 minuts and some amount of seconds and some amount of nano seconds .


Started Mid term exams today

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Mid term exam started today. I just finished my first of 4 exams and now I have to study for my next one that is tomorow. Today’s exam was English langue arts (ELA) and tomorows exam is maths ,then social studies ,ten science.